Profice Pic: Adrian Alan Brown

Adrian Alan Brown – Founder of The Pixel Artist – CG Artist & Photography

The Pixel Artist was established in 2003 by Adrian Alan Brown.  Since 1994 he had been practicing advanced 3D modeling techniques and worked for several architects, landscape architects, civil/environmental engineers and an aircraft development company. After 9 years he’d formed a reputation for providing high quality and highly detailed work and decided to start The Pixel Artist.

The Pixel Artist enjoyed steady work for nine years and continued to build its reputation as one of the best 3D visualization services in the area.  The company’s client base grew to include both regional and international projects.  Realizing that he could not grow by remaining a one man operation, Adrian invited Matt Nelson to help him build The Pixel Artist into a larger scale operation.  In late 2012 the partnership was formed and The Pixel Artist became “The Pixel Artist, inc.”

The Pixel Artist has been growing rapidly.  Additional staff members were hired in 2012 and the demand for our services has been quickly growing.  The company looks to expand rapidly in 2013 and quickly position itself as a major company in its field.